Artistic paintings - Illustration
Graphic design - Corporate image

Juan Carlos Espejo
25- 11-1975
Montilla - Córdoba (Spain)

I started drawing and painting when I was about 3 or 4 years old and since then I have not stopped. My mother once told me that the first thing I drew was a woman in her wedding dress. I was surely impressed by that out of the ordinary and spectacular dress that highlighted her beauty. Since then, women have become the main theme of my drawings and paintings.

My academic career began in 1990, at the School of Arts and Crafts "Mateo Inurria” in Córdoba, where I studied art in general and I specialized in illustration for advertising.
From 1995 I continued my training in Britain, where I studied Audio Visual Design at the City College Manchester (1995-97) and finally concluded my training cycle graduating in Visual communication at the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh (1997-00)

On completion of my degree I moved to Madrid (Spain) where I started working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for clients within the field of culture, the area which most interests me. My style in graphic design is characterized by the use of the illustration as the main component of the work. My projects include numerous graphic promotions for musical concerts, theatrical shows, films and short films.

In addition to my work as a graphic designer I have also been developing my pictorial work. The concept of my painting revolves entirely around the female figure. My main source of inspiration are the great actresses of classic Hollywood and art movies of the 60’s, music and its performers, photography, fashion, literature and in general, the figurative and iconographic representation of women within the art world.

The artistic styles that most attracted me and I feel more identified with are mainly Art Nouveau, Art Decó, Modernism and Pop Art. I am also interested in ancient Egyptian decorative painting, Greco-Roman art and mythology, as well as Renaissance portraits and the Romantics.

Currently l live and work in Berlin, where I combine my work as creative and graphic designer at the Berlin based company LM kartenvertrieb, with the developing of my pictorial career.




Solo Exhibition “Athenea” 2008-2011. Paintings. April 2012
Gallery: Mateo Inurria (School of Arts and Crafts). Córdoba. Spain

Group Exhibition Paintings. May 2012
Gallery: EAGL.”Berlin Artist Going Live”. Berlin. Germany

Group Exhibition Paintings. January 2012
Gallery: Rotebete Kunst. Berlin. Germany


Solo Exhibition “10 Women” Paintings. October 2011
Gallery: Taberna Bolero. Montilla. Spain


Solo Exhibition Selected works in Painting, Graphic Design and Photography. November 2006
Gallery: Sala Budo. Madrid. Spain